Papa Johns of North Carolina

Papa Johns of North Carolina

Social Media Assets

The main service I was involved with on the Papa Johns of NC account was asset creation and social media post creation. I worked with content teams to come up with visual ideas to go along with promotions, holidays and events. I had to make sure our ads followed Papa Johns design standards and brand guidelines. Working within that we tried to be as creative as possible with our social content. Trying to engage and energize the Papa Johns audience. 


  • Photography
  • Photo touch-up and lighting edits
  • Social media post design



With Papa Johns, its all about the food. After gaining the account we soon realized we need to take some serious photos for Papa Johns of NC. Although we do get corporate imagery for national campaigns, we have relied on taking most the photos of what we post for our social strategy. 

Being the primary photographer at TriMark, I've been learning how to get the best results in our photography sessions. Our goal is to always make as few post edits as possible with the food, so we try to get the best lighting, and the best looking pizzas we can get our hands on.