Furnitureland South

A Visual Shopping Experience

As a large retailer of many furniture brands, Furnitureland Souths site design was complex and challenging. Hundreds of furniture brands with different data, descriptions, photo types, and furniture types we were challenged with the design of a site that sold almost everything in the furniture world. This project was made while working at TriMark Digital, in Raleigh, NC.


Services Provided:

  • User Experience
  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • Photography of Showroom
  • Social Media & PPC Advertising
  • Landing Page Design



Helping to Guide the Customer

One of our goals throughout the project was to give FLS a new way to help guide customers to new products they wouldn't find on their own. We wanted to do this through various methods, an new clean product layout with optimized search abilities, a curated "lookbook" that could help users shop in style, and suggested items based on the product they viewed.


Shopping Your Way

My favorite area of the site to design was the shop pages. Figuring out the filtering setup, the product listing, the search and sorting features. We went through multiple iterations and tested a few setups, to this day we are still improving the design to meet the needs of FLS. 

2016 Updates to FLS Ecommerce Experience


Guiding the Shopper

The FLS site required us to be able to enhance the buyers experience through providing multiple outlets for shopping. We added in new features to the site, such as the "look book" section. Where shoppers could find a style they liked, then "shop the look".

Gallery for Lookbooks


Additional Purchase Options

We also added in the ability to find pieces similar to the one you were looking at, find matching sets, or let FLS recommend other pieces for you to look at.


Team Work makes the Dream Work.

This project was especially challenging due to FLS's variety of furniture products and the scale of the commerce experience. The team at TriMark Digital was challenged to come up with areas for the site that help the customer along multiple avenues to purchasing a piece of furniture. Weather signing up for a consultants help, searching the site, shopping by brand or by looks. My team members on this project were vital to making it a successful launch, and continue to help see areas in which we can enhance the buyers experience.