Carolina Ale House

Website Design & Photography

I'm reminiscent of this project because to me it represents achieving a great deal in a short amount of time. Its one was one of a few times last year where I was literally designing in bed at home so I could meet a deadline.

Site Goals:

  1. Find Location, Menus, and Event easily.
  2. Have nearby locations suggested to you.
  3. Showcase menu items, update photography.
  4. Updates styles to embrace both a nice dinner restaurant, and a fun sporty bar.




This project was unique because the team at TriMark Digital worked closely with the CAH internal design team to achieve their goals. We had them on hand while photographing, and were able to ask questions about the internal workings at CAH. This valuable information helped us throughout the project to correctly design for their needs, and style. The team also gave us valuable feedback through the design process that helped mold the final design.


Carolina Ale House is known as the place to go and watch sports. They have large TV's and a long list of drafts. With a good hold on that market, the design strategy revolved around getting the normal dinner & lunch crowds while keeping the sports fans happy.

Services Provided:

  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Rebranding (fonts, colors, style)

The team at TriMark Digital and I suggested a style that embraced fun elements, while keeping the dark sports bar theme. We focused on delicious looking photography that would pop off the page. Encouraging people to come and eat at Carolina Ale House in everyday situations.